Shaun Cassidy-Multicultural Women’s Network

Shaun Cassidy was the keynote speaker for the Multicultural Women’s Network.  Shaun Cassidy Founder, Cassidy Creative Solutions – Business Growth Strategist – Social Media Influential
Shaun Cassidy holds 20+ years of experience in the fields of sales ad marketing, e–commerce and social media technologies. He is the founder of Cassidy Creative Solutions a speaking, training and consulting firm that helps professionals, non-profit organizations and corporations leverage social media, internet sales and marketing strategies through storytelling across platforms. Cassidy Creative Solutions clients and partners have been featured in the following global sites: The New York Times, Forbes, WGBH Boston, Univision, ABC News, CNN, CBS News, NBC Latino, WGN, The Huffington Post, LE Monde, Drudge, the front page of Yahoo!, UT San Diego, San Diego Reader, KPBS San Diego, iHeart, Fox 5 San Diego,
Los Angeles Times, Daily Mail UK, BBC Ireland and UK.

He discussed social media and specifically LinkedIn. Helping others to start the process of decoding and strategizing LinkedIn to better leverage it.


Scalone Family

I have had the pleasure of Photographing this family for years. I photographed their maternity session almost a year ago and Rhens 7 month photos. I now have the pleasure of photographing his one year next month. I can’t believe how quickly time goes by. Enjoy their seventh month photo shoot and look forward to celebrate Rhen’s one year next month!

20160110_scalone-2-of-107 20160110_scalone-7-of-107 20160110_scalone-13-of-107 20160110_scalone-18-of-107 20160110_scalone-20-of-107 20160110_scalone-22-of-107 20160110_scalone-26-of-107 20160110_scalone-34-of-107 20160110_scalone-35-of-107 20160110_scalone-37-of-107 20160110_scalone-39-of-107 20160110_scalone-48-of-107 20160110_scalone-55-of-107 20160110_scalone-59-of-107 20160110_scalone-69-of-107 20160110_scalone-70-of-107 20160110_scalone-76-of-107 20160110_scalone-81-of-107 20160110_scalone-83-of-107 20160110_scalone-98-of-107

20160110_scalone-104-of-107 20160110_scalone-105-of-107 20160110_scalone-106-of-107 20160110_scalone-107-of-107


Worsham Wedding!

Huge shot out to Tonilyn and Derek! Not only was their wedding beautiful, fun, and friendly but it was one of the most organized weddings I have ever shot. The timeline Tonilyn gave me is now used as an example for all my future brides!

My assistant Drew and I started the day with them at their hotel Paradise Point Hotel Resort and Spa. Everyone was so joyful and welcoming. It was a blast capturing their day from the very beginning. As the day went on you could truly tell these two were meant for each other. From their taste in music to their sense of humor it was obvious that they were ready to create a life together. Planning this wedding may not have been the easiest as Derek is active military and was deployed the majority of the planning process but you would have never know. Thank you Derek for your service.

Their preparations, first look, and bridal party pictures were at Paradise Point Hotel Resort and Spa, the ceremony and reception were at the Moniker Wharehouse.

Thank you Drew for being there and taking amazing photos!!! Check out his work!

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Hans and Cindy Tie the Knot!

Back in 2014 I met Cindy in a certification course we both were taking. Her tremendous light and enthusiasm for life shown so brightly. After becoming friends and finishing our course I met her prince Hans for a head shot photo shoot. Thru out the shoot I could see why Cindy had chosen Hans. His light matched hers so well. Over the course of our friendship I had the pleasure of seeing them not only flourish as a couple but as business owners. Lucidity Productions is their San Francisco based video productions company. They help six figure entrepreneurs connect to clients using video. So when they asked me to do their engagement photos and then their wedding I was so honored. Not only are they lovely friends of mine but radiant professionals that know their business. To be recognized for my talent by people you admire is such a blessing. That is exactly what these two are; blessings to each other and those around them. Just look at the love and joy expressed by Hans when he sees his bride, the joy on their faces when saying their vows, or by their friends and family through out the night.

20160716_Hans_Cindy_Wedding-10320160716_Hans_Cindy_Wedding-10420160716_Hans_Cindy_Wedding-10520160716_Hans_Cindy_Wedding-10920160716_Hans_Cindy_Wedding-11420160716_Hans_Cindy_Wedding-13720160716_Hans_Cindy_Wedding-16720160716_Hans_Cindy_Wedding-16820160716_Hans_Cindy_Wedding-16920160716_Hans_Cindy_Wedding-17320160716_Hans_Cindy_Wedding-302 20160716_Hans_Cindy_Wedding-316 20160716_Hans_Cindy_Wedding-309 20160716_Hans_Cindy_Wedding-307-220160716_Hans_Cindy_Wedding-34320160716_Hans_Cindy_Wedding-43820160716_Hans_Cindy_Wedding-44120160716_Hans_Cindy_Wedding-44620160716_Hans_Cindy_Wedding-45020160716_Hans_Cindy_Wedding-45720160716_Hans_Cindy_Wedding-58820160716_Hans_Cindy_Wedding-59620160716_Hans_Cindy_Wedding-60220160716_Hans_Cindy_Wedding-62920160716_Hans_Cindy_Wedding-63020160716_Hans_Cindy_Wedding-63220160716_Hans_Cindy_Wedding-65020160716_Hans_Cindy_Wedding-65820160716_Hans_Cindy_Wedding-68920160716_Hans_Cindy_Wedding-694



Goddess in Motion

It can be such a small world. Nadirah and her family lived just a couple of houses down from my place but it wasn’t until I moved an hour away that we connected at a networking event. She is a magnificent belly dancer and founder of Goddess in Motion. Goddess in Motion International is a Consulting and Training Company. Helping women reclaim their vitality, passion,femininity, self expression and power! So I was pretty thrilled when we scheduled a family/book cover/belly dancing photo shoot! Here are some of the images from that day.

20160528_Nadirah_Bray-23 20160528_Nadirah_Bray-31 20160528_Nadirah_Bray-39 20160528_Nadirah_Bray-66-2 20160528_Nadirah_Bray-70 20160528_Nadirah_Bray-54 20160528_Nadirah_Bray-61 20160528_Nadirah_Bray-63 20160528_Nadirah_Bray-96 20160528_Nadirah_Bray-117 20160528_Nadirah_Bray-171 20160528_Nadirah_Bray-178

Grandmother on a mission for better nutrition!

Sky won a session with me at a networking event we attended. I am so glad she did. This beautiful woman is so kind, knowledgeable and dedicated. As soon as I arrived to her lovely home her passion for family, gardening, and health was apparent. Her yard was full of veggies and flowers. Such a lovely combination. I love when I get to work with entrepreneurs that have such clarity and passion for their business. This one falls close to my heart as a mother myself. Between yummy shakes, wonderful conversation and delightful scenery I got to capture the gracious essence of Sky. I encourage you to check her out at   or facebook@blueskieshealthyliving . She has great options for healthy living. My boys personally love the yummy gummies.

20160528_Skylar_Jeannette-6Her beautiful tower gardens. 20160528_Skylar_Jeannette-7

20160528_Skylar_Jeannette-26The shake was so tasty and perfect for a warm day. 20160528_Skylar_Jeannette-22  20160528_Skylar_Jeannette-11

When she came out in her hat at the end of the session and kindly asked if we could do a few more how could I resist! Still one of my favorite pictures from the whole session.




Sohaila is a speaker and dancer that supports women in truly connecting to their inner sensual womoan and step back into themseles. I met Sohaila at a Women’s Wisdom Luncheon in December when she danced. Their was such a grace and confidence that exuded from her. I was welcomed to Sohaila’s studio and home in May for our shoot. From the moment you meet her she has a warmth and joy that is contagious. We had so much fun just being our selves and I truly saw how much she lives what she teaches.Sohaila inspires women to live a life filled with everything you desire. Helping women break out of the monotony of life and rediscover themselves thru their five senses and ancient belly dance movements. She holds sense-ual woman retreats and has an ama transformational 10 week on line program. She teaches belly dance and NewVo fitness classes not only in studio but on line too. You can read up on Sohaila at (to try out a free NewVo class, go to


20160501_Sohaila-64 20160501_Sohaila-73 20160501_Sohaila-75 20160501_Sohaila-177-1-2  20160501_Sohaila-16 20160501_Sohaila-2820160501_Sohaila-20820160501_Sohaila-181

Kelly Wedding

The first time I met Hannah was at Panera and her fiance was deployed. I had a lovely conversation about her future wedding, deployment life and cake’s in a jar. I loved her organization and vision for her wedding. She had such a presence about her. Fast forward to the “Big Day”. Driving down to Marina Village it was cloudy and I was concerned. Luckily the day was absolutely beautiful! It was clear that these two were meant for each other and that everyone was surrounding them in love.

Stars Of Courage

13072716_1131949090191143_5280965654932493940_oOn April 23rd 2016 I had the honor of photographing the Stars Of Courage inaugural event. Here I was present for such an inspirational and dedicated group of people stepping up and answering the cry of poverty in our Nation. Stars of Courage is a group of inspired, capable spiritual warriors, leaders, business owners, visionaries, and coaches. They are bringing together  top personal and professional life, business, spiritual, career, health, well-being, and financial coaches who are equipped with the latest technology, warm hearts and are in service to those they work. They uplift, increase awareness, coach, and deliver proven training programs to substantially reduce poverty in our country.

At this event I had the tremendous pleasure of meeting and speaking with Senator Thayne of Idaho. He has worked with Ken Foster and the board of Stars of Courage to develop and implement a program to uplift indiv

iduals out of poverty. In a time of our government where it is easy to be dismayed it is truly heartwarming to know that we do have humble, hardworking and visionary leaders such as Senator Thayne. Thank you for taking time out of your schedule to attend the event.

Please support these visionaries on there quest to uplift our of poverty.

Fun Fashion shoot.

Awhile ago I got to photograph fashionista Kayla from This mom and fashionista was introducing me and her following to Impressions Online boutique and Meritt Clothing’s spring collection. It was an overcast day at balboa park so I was a bit nervous that we would be dodging rain. Luckily is was beautiful.

I LOVED all the clothes. I am a pretty colorful person. But with two little boys I am always looking for clothes that are cute and still cover everything. Meritt Clothing has some beautiful pieces. I highly suggest checking them out.

Kayla was so sweet and really knew her stuff. It was so fantastic for a fashion challenged mom like myself to be able to get some tips from this fellow mom. SO FUN!!! Completely got to let me girlie side out.


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