Shaun Cassidy-Multicultural Women’s Network

Shaun Cassidy was the keynote speaker for the Multicultural Women’s Network.  Shaun Cassidy Founder, Cassidy Creative Solutions – Business Growth Strategist – Social Media Influential
Shaun Cassidy holds 20+ years of experience in the fields of sales ad marketing, e–commerce and social media technologies. He is the founder of Cassidy Creative Solutions a speaking, training and consulting firm that helps professionals, non-profit organizations and corporations leverage social media, internet sales and marketing strategies through storytelling across platforms. Cassidy Creative Solutions clients and partners have been featured in the following global sites: The New York Times, Forbes, WGBH Boston, Univision, ABC News, CNN, CBS News, NBC Latino, WGN, The Huffington Post, LE Monde, Drudge, the front page of Yahoo!, UT San Diego, San Diego Reader, KPBS San Diego, iHeart, Fox 5 San Diego,
Los Angeles Times, Daily Mail UK, BBC Ireland and UK.

He discussed social media and specifically LinkedIn. Helping others to start the process of decoding and strategizing LinkedIn to better leverage it.


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