Scalone Family

I have had the pleasure of Photographing this family for years. I photographed their maternity session almost a year ago and Rhens 7 month photos. I now have the pleasure of photographing his one year next month. I can’t believe how quickly time goes by. Enjoy their seventh month photo shoot and look forward to celebrate Rhen’s one year next month!

20160110_scalone-2-of-107 20160110_scalone-7-of-107 20160110_scalone-13-of-107 20160110_scalone-18-of-107 20160110_scalone-20-of-107 20160110_scalone-22-of-107 20160110_scalone-26-of-107 20160110_scalone-34-of-107 20160110_scalone-35-of-107 20160110_scalone-37-of-107 20160110_scalone-39-of-107 20160110_scalone-48-of-107 20160110_scalone-55-of-107 20160110_scalone-59-of-107 20160110_scalone-69-of-107 20160110_scalone-70-of-107 20160110_scalone-76-of-107 20160110_scalone-81-of-107 20160110_scalone-83-of-107 20160110_scalone-98-of-107

20160110_scalone-104-of-107 20160110_scalone-105-of-107 20160110_scalone-106-of-107 20160110_scalone-107-of-107



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