Emily and Krishna

What a delightful couple! Krishna and Emily not only welcomed us into there wedding but as did their family. It is not everyday that I get to photograph a two day wedding merging cultures and families. It was so beautiful from the Methodist wedding on Saturday where the had their first look and spoke vows to the gorgeous ceremony where a priest and family blessed their marriage. The energy and true joy at this wedding was palatable.

Hotel: Westin Downtown

Planner: Dawn with Hannahsmithevents.com

FLourist: gaslampfloral.com

Reception: University Club

I have worked with Dawn several times over the years and she is always a pleasure to work with. Not only is she an exceptional planner but she also did the flowers for this wedding. Absolutely beautiful!!!

20160904_emily_krishna-31 20160904_emily_krishna-33 20160904_emily_krishna-34 20160904_emily_krishna-61 20160904_emily_krishna-65 20160904_emily_krishna-75 20160904_emily_krishna-106 20160904_emily_krishna-184 20160904_emily_krishna-232 20160904_emily_krishna-343 20160904_emily_krishna-375 20160904_emily_krishna-434 20160904_emily_krishna-513 20160904_emily_krishna-526 20160904_emily_krishna-539 20160904_emily_krishna-573 20160904_emily_krishna-686 20160904_emily_krishna-688 20160904_emily_krishna-702 20160904_emily_krishna-707 20160904_emily_krishna-720 20160904_emily_krishna-731 20160904_emily_krishna-742 20160904_emily_krishna-1164  20160904_emily_krishna-1166  20160904_emily_krishna-772 20160904_emily_krishna-775 20160904_emily_krishna-780 20160904_emily_krishna-787 20160904_emily_krishna-810 20160904_emily_krishna-817 20160904_emily_krishna-968 20160904_emily_krishna-1033 20160904_emily_krishna-1042 20160904_emily_krishna-1045 20160904_emily_krishna-1052 20160904_emily_krishna-1100   20160904_emily_krishna-1180





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