Worsham Wedding!

Huge shot out to Tonilyn and Derek! Not only was their wedding beautiful, fun, and friendly but it was one of the most organized weddings I have ever shot. The timeline Tonilyn gave me is now used as an example for all my future brides!

My assistant Drew and I started the day with them at their hotel Paradise Point Hotel Resort and Spa. Everyone was so joyful and welcoming. It was a blast capturing their day from the very beginning. As the day went on you could truly tell these two were meant for each other. From their taste in music to their sense of humor it was obvious that they were ready to create a life together. Planning this wedding may not have been the easiest as Derek is active military and was deployed the majority of the planning process but you would have never know. Thank you Derek for your service.

Their preparations, first look, and bridal party pictures were at Paradise Point Hotel Resort and Spa, the ceremony and reception were at the Moniker Wharehouse.

Thank you Drew for being there and taking amazing photos!!! Check out his work!

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