Hans and Cindy Tie the Knot!

Back in 2014 I met Cindy in a certification course we both were taking. Her tremendous light and enthusiasm for life shown so brightly. After becoming friends and finishing our course I met her prince Hans for a head shot photo shoot. Thru out the shoot I could see why Cindy had chosen Hans. His light matched hers so well. Over the course of our friendship I had the pleasure of seeing them not only flourish as a couple but as business owners. Lucidity Productions is their San Francisco based video productions company. They help six figure entrepreneurs connect to clients using video. So when they asked me to do their engagement photos and then their wedding I was so honored. Not only are they lovely friends of mine but radiant professionals that know their business. To be recognized for my talent by people you admire is such a blessing. That is exactly what these two are; blessings to each other and those around them. Just look at the love and joy expressed by Hans when he sees his bride, the joy on their faces when saying their vows, or by their friends and family through out the night.

20160716_Hans_Cindy_Wedding-10320160716_Hans_Cindy_Wedding-10420160716_Hans_Cindy_Wedding-10520160716_Hans_Cindy_Wedding-10920160716_Hans_Cindy_Wedding-11420160716_Hans_Cindy_Wedding-13720160716_Hans_Cindy_Wedding-16720160716_Hans_Cindy_Wedding-16820160716_Hans_Cindy_Wedding-16920160716_Hans_Cindy_Wedding-17320160716_Hans_Cindy_Wedding-302 20160716_Hans_Cindy_Wedding-316 20160716_Hans_Cindy_Wedding-309 20160716_Hans_Cindy_Wedding-307-220160716_Hans_Cindy_Wedding-34320160716_Hans_Cindy_Wedding-43820160716_Hans_Cindy_Wedding-44120160716_Hans_Cindy_Wedding-44620160716_Hans_Cindy_Wedding-45020160716_Hans_Cindy_Wedding-45720160716_Hans_Cindy_Wedding-58820160716_Hans_Cindy_Wedding-59620160716_Hans_Cindy_Wedding-60220160716_Hans_Cindy_Wedding-62920160716_Hans_Cindy_Wedding-63020160716_Hans_Cindy_Wedding-63220160716_Hans_Cindy_Wedding-65020160716_Hans_Cindy_Wedding-65820160716_Hans_Cindy_Wedding-68920160716_Hans_Cindy_Wedding-694




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