Goddess in Motion

It can be such a small world. Nadirah and her family lived just a couple of houses down from my place but it wasn’t until I moved an hour away that we connected at a networking event. She is a magnificent belly dancer and founder of Goddess in Motion. Goddess in Motion International is a Consulting and Training Company. Helping women reclaim their vitality, passion,femininity, self expression and power! So I was pretty thrilled when we scheduled a family/book cover/belly dancing photo shoot! Here are some of the images from that day.

20160528_Nadirah_Bray-23 20160528_Nadirah_Bray-31 20160528_Nadirah_Bray-39 20160528_Nadirah_Bray-66-2 20160528_Nadirah_Bray-70 20160528_Nadirah_Bray-54 20160528_Nadirah_Bray-61 20160528_Nadirah_Bray-63 20160528_Nadirah_Bray-96 20160528_Nadirah_Bray-117 20160528_Nadirah_Bray-171 20160528_Nadirah_Bray-178


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