Sohaila is a speaker and dancer that supports women in truly connecting to their inner sensual womoan and step back into themseles. I met Sohaila at a Women’s Wisdom Luncheon in December when she danced. Their was such a grace and confidence that exuded from her. I was welcomed to Sohaila’s studio and home in May for our shoot. From the moment you meet her she has a warmth and joy that is contagious. We had so much fun just being our selves and I truly saw how much she lives what she teaches.Sohaila inspires women to live a life filled with everything you desire. Helping women break out of the monotony of life and rediscover themselves thru their five senses and ancient belly dance movements. She holds sense-ual woman retreats and has an ama transformational 10 week on line program. She teaches belly dance and NewVo fitness classes not only in studio but on line too. You can read up on Sohaila at (to try out a free NewVo class, go to


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