Stars Of Courage

13072716_1131949090191143_5280965654932493940_oOn April 23rd 2016 I had the honor of photographing the Stars Of Courage inaugural event. Here I was present for such an inspirational and dedicated group of people stepping up and answering the cry of poverty in our Nation. Stars of Courage is a group of inspired, capable spiritual warriors, leaders, business owners, visionaries, and coaches. They are bringing together  top personal and professional life, business, spiritual, career, health, well-being, and financial coaches who are equipped with the latest technology, warm hearts and are in service to those they work. They uplift, increase awareness, coach, and deliver proven training programs to substantially reduce poverty in our country.

At this event I had the tremendous pleasure of meeting and speaking with Senator Thayne of Idaho. He has worked with Ken Foster and the board of Stars of Courage to develop and implement a program to uplift indiv

iduals out of poverty. In a time of our government where it is easy to be dismayed it is truly heartwarming to know that we do have humble, hardworking and visionary leaders such as Senator Thayne. Thank you for taking time out of your schedule to attend the event.

Please support these visionaries on there quest to uplift our of poverty.


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