M. Marie Photography feel that photographs create a portal to emotions at a moment of time.We has the pleasure of capturing these moments for our clients. A giggle from their one year old or a first kiss on a wedding day; these are the times people want to remember. We have the honor of being present and photographing these. We try to make everything fun and low key. Often going to our clients in order to create a relaxed and comfortable environment.

Megan Marie; a mother of two boys; understands how hectic life can be and we do not want to be one more thing on a to do list. We want to be something everyone looks forward too. An experience smiled about afterwards. M. Marie Photography keeps back as much as possible to let the natural relationships come forth.

M. Marie Photography was founded in 2008 and on September 6th 2015 we had the pleasure of photographing our 100th wedding. It was amazing and we are so excited to capture a hundred more.

In 2014  we recognized a growing need for professionals and entrepreneurs to have access to marketable material that they can use to grow their dream. Although M. Marie Photography had been doing head shots and events for years; 2014 was when we opened a branding section of the company. Creating actionable marketing plans and material for our clients. M. Marie Photography is  focused on creating a relationship with our clients that allows us to truly support them in connecting to their clients in powerful and authentic ways.


Megan Marie



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